Mobile Apps

Put very simple, Viva Technology, LLC. is about putting small businesses on the mobile web with a technology called “applications” (apps) so they can engage with customers directly on the customer’s mobile phone. This is all accomplished with very little work required on the part of the small business owner.

In short, we do all the heavy lifting.

Here’s the Longer Version of How This Works

The Viva Technology, LLC team creates, updates and helps to market mobile web applications (apps) for small business owners. In short, we’re a “done for you” mobile web app platform that allows small businesses to easily engage with both new and current customers without needing any programming knowledge or extra time.

The small business owner simply follows a simple 3-step process, and in 21 days they engage customer’s right on the devices they’re using to shop…their mobile phones.

To get started, the first step is to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. Then, we ask you a few questions about your business so we can get a better idea of exactly the right mobile web app to create and how to update and market it.

You sit back, relax, and engage customers within 21 days, guaranteed.

That’s it!

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