How to Get It All Wrong with Video Marketing

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VideoMarketingHow to Get It All Wrong with Video Marketing

Hasn’t everyone and anyone told you that video marketing is a snap, and you need to get going like, yesterday? While part of that is true, plunging into the deep end without understanding some of what lies below the water might be hazardous to your wealth! Sitepoint offers a glimpse into what can go wrong with your video marketing campaigns, and ways to avoid some common mistakes.

5 Killer Ways to Kill Your Videos

  1. Overselling – Hitting your viewers with a hypey, persistent sales message is a sure-fire way to get them running for the exits. No-one likes to be sold to, and the best method to convey your sales message is by showing them the benefits of this product or service to them, not all the spiffy features you’re so proud of!
  2. Underselling – On the other hand, if you are so bashful so as not to ask for the sale in anyway, you deserve what you get. Be sure you include multiple calls to action, and ask for the action you’re seeking, whether that is a click, purchase, opt-in or something else.
  3. Boring as the day is long – If your video is boring, there is little chance they will even watch it all the way through. If it’s an instance of not knowing enough regarding the subject at hand, perhaps it might be wise to engage an expert, or find an angle that makes the subject more engaging that it appears on the surface.
  4. Not specific – Understanding your target audience and attempting to match message to market is paramount here. The more focused you can be on a particular need or want of your audience, the more likely they will be to not only watch your video, but act!
  5. Information overload – Closely related to the point above, trying to cram too much information into one video will leave their heads spinning. Keep the message concise and direct, in order to avoid any confusion.

How Can a Six-Second Video Help Your Business?

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How Can a Six-Second Video Help Your Business?

Thought of using Vine for short, sharable videos for your business? If not, you should. Creating these videos is most likely already within your skill set and technology, as many are simply using their smartphones and publishing these by the boatload.

So what is Vine?

Well, just in case you missed the video, Vine is an innovative video sharing platform on Twitter that lets you create and upload 6-second videos to Twitter. So you may be thinking, just how can a 6-second video help my business? Well, check out some of the ways these companies RedVines, Urban Outfitters and Nintendo made it work for them!

These companies found a way for videos to help further their brand, advertise their products and services, and promote their businesses in different ways. They know that this service, that is trending incredibly hot right now, can do for them. One of the major attractions of a service like Vine is that getting your content in front of people is getting more and more difficult as people are less willing to take the time to read. Consumers are less willing to read, so a 6-second video is exactly what the doctor ordered, and you’d be amazed at some of the ways people are using Vine. According to, businesses are making use of them to introduce new employees, announce events, give an insider’s look into the business, and in some cases creating short commercials to display their latest product or service. offers more innovative options to use Vine. Some of these include:

  • Recording customer testimonials
  • Recording short introductions from the company principals
  • Real estate professionals are using Vine to offer a (quick) virtual tour of new listings
  • Restaurants are eating this up! Sending out daily specials and menus
  • Decorators and designers are utilizing Vine to display before and after pics

The possibilities are just about endless, and this is something that can be performed very quickly and make a difference in less than a day. Look into Vine today!